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Harvey Norman Commercial and Education are committed to providing the complete technology solution for schools, businesses and franchises, enterprise corporations and government organizations. We provide our customers with the latest in technology and innovation, consumer and commercial finance and lease packages, product care replacement options and technical phone support 7 days a week.


Browse through our extensive range of products for your school or business from Notebooks and Tablets to Networking, Printing, Servers and Software solutions.


We offer a range of services including consumer and commercial finance packages, product care replacement options and technical phone support for that peace of mind. You can even have a nominated procurement approval contact for your portal to approve any purchases that are processed.


Get the complete end to end solution for your business or school with a customized online purchasing portal or a tailored BYOD package.

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Our Products

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  • Notebooks and Desktop computers
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  • Software and accessories
  • Networking and printing solutions
  • Health and Fitness products
  • Servers and Point of Sale systems
  • Digital signage and touch screens
  • Apple Authorised Reseller

Our Services

Finance and Lease Options

Harvey Norman Commercial and Education can personalise a flexible finance solution to ensure you and your company are always using the latest in technology and innovation.

Product Care Replacement

Harvey Norman Commercial and Education can provide you additional protection for your purchase and exclusive support options to give you that extra peace of mind.


We can provide you with onsite installation and training and over the phone technical support 7 days a week. We can tailor a support service to suit your business needs.

Call us on 0800 222 699
to find out more about our services and how they can add value to your next purchase.

Our Solutions

BYOD (Bring Your own Device)

A growing number of schools and organisations are adopting a “Bring Your Own Device” policy which allows students and employees to use their own technology in the classroom or workplace. Our BYOD strategy can provide key benefits such as cost effectiveness, increased productivity and flexibility.

Business to Customer

Harvey Norman Commercial and Education can offer your school or business a customised online purchasing portal through a secure site with tailored products specific to you. With our many stores and great supplier relationships, we can direct and drop ship volume deals New Zealand wide.

Business to Business

We can offer your business, school or government organisation an end-to-end solution from device planning and integration to flexible payment options and trade accounts. Our team are dedicated to offering you the complete solution, saving you both time and money.

Call us on 0800 222 699
to find out more about the solutions that can help grow your business or organisation.

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